• The Board of Education, administration, faculty, staff, and patrons believe the Richards R-V School District exists to help students by preparing them to become productive citizens in a democratic society. To achieve this, we believe that it is necessary for administrators, teachers, students, and parents to take responsibility for each child's education. We believe that only through common effort will individuals develop the social, intellectual, physical, emotional, and ethical potential, which allows students to become productive members of society. 

    In order to perpetuate and improve society, Richards R-V will provide an environment for all students to develop habits, knowledge, and technological skills, thereby preparing them to be able to make sound choices and become responsible citizens of the twenty-first century. 

    Recognizing each student as a unique individual, we believe that education should provide an opportunity for the maximum development of each individual within the limitations of their capabilities. Through education it is possible for the individual to discover and endeavor to achieve the outer limits of their capabilities. 

    Therefore, it is the responsibility of the Richards R-V School District to provide an educational environment for the children of the district which will foster and accelerate their intellectual, physical, social and career development, as well as encourage them to be lifelong learners. 

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