• This page is provided to assist students, families, staff and the community in finding resources that might provide useful in the areas of personal/social, academic, and career development.  This is the most recent list of resources that we currently have. 

    **Inclusion on this list does not constitute an endorsement or recommendation by Richards RV School District. This list is provided as a service to the families of this district** 


    Burton Creek Medical Clinic
    805 N. Kentucky Ave. (417) 256-2111
    Megan York, MSW, LCSW
    LuAnn McKee, MSW, LCSW
    In addition to medical services, Burton Creek Medical Clinic has two in-house therapists who are able to serve children, individuals, and families. Payment options include Medicaid, Medicare, private insurance, self-pay, and sliding fee scale for those who qualify.
    Catherine Newton, LCSW, LLC.
    OZBI 408 Washington Ave. West Plains, Mo. (417) 247-9888 or (417) 255-8783
    Catherine Newton, LCSW
    Catherine Newton provides therapy services at the Ozarks Small Business Incubator. She serves multiple client groups. Please call for payment option information.
    Curtis Counseling, LLC.
    1880 E. Maricopa Ave. Ozark, Mo. (417) 252-1942
    Laura Curtis, MS, LPC
    Laura Curtis proves counseling services to improve the quality of life for families experiencing problematic behaviors relating to, but not limited to, ADHD, Attachment Disorders, divorce and custodial issues, issues related to foster care, and other behavioral issues. She currently serves individuals, children, families, and groups. Current payment options are self-pay and sliding fee scale.
    Diversified Consulting and Mediation, LLC.
    3407 Division Dr. (417) 256-0224
    Ada Evans, MSW, LCSW
    Ada Evans provides therapy for children, couples, and families. She offers family mediation services related to custody, visitation, parenting responsibilities, and some parenting classes. Payment options include self-pay and limited Medicaid.
    Families First
    Kim Barnes, MSW, LCSW (417) 293-8568
    Ms. Barnes provides therapeutic services to children, individuals, and families. She also provides some limited in-home counseling. Payment options include Medicaid, Medicare, insurance, self-pay, and some sliding fee scale.
    Mahan Therapy Services
    3407 Division Dr. West Plains, Mo. (417) 256-1243 or (417) 293-8151
    Elizabeth Mahan, MSW, LCSW
    Ms. Mahan provides therapy on a part time basis to children, individuals, and families. She accept self-pay or reimbursement through the Employee Assistance Program (EAP).
    Mental Health Guidance and Counseling
    1208 Porter Wagoner Blvd. #5 (417) 256-4104
    Matthew Green, MS, LPC
    Mr. Green provides counseling and therapeutic services to individuals, couples, and families. Payment options include Medicaid, Medicare, private insurance, self-pay, and sliding fee scale for those who qualify.
    Midwest Counseling and Assessment
    OZBI 412 Washington Ave. West Plains, Mo. (417) 255-8790 
    Jenny Long, PsyD. Licensed Psychologist
    Jessica Foster, LPC-S
    This group offers a variety of counseling, assessment, and e-therapy services. Please call for payment option information.
    Missouri Crisis Access Response System (MOCARS) - Operated through Ozarks Medical Center
    1211 Porter Wagoner Blvd. (800) 356-5395 or (417) 257-6762
    The crisis line is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week and is open to anyone in crisis.
    New Horizons Counseling, LLC.
    408 Washington Ave. (OZBi) West Plains, Mo. (417) 372-7155
    Dominica Kiefer, MS, LPC
    Ms. Kiefer provides counseling services to children, individuals, couples, and families. Payment options include self-pay and sliding fee scale with insurance and Medicaid/Medicare rights in application.
    Ozarks Medical Center – Behavioral Health Care
    1211 Porter Wagoner Blvd. (417) 257-6762
    Community based services for mental health needs including counseling, medication services, and case management services for adults and children. Payment options include Medicaid, Medicare, private insurance, and self-pay on a sliding fee scale. Other services may be available depending on the need of the client.
    Southern Missouri Community Health Center
    1137 Independence Dr. West Plains, Mo. (417) 255-8464
    Elizabeth Mahan, MSW, LCSW
    Joseph Hackworth, MSW, LCSW
    Southern Missouri Community Health Center currently has two in-house therapists to address mental health needs. Payment options for both therapists include Medicaid, Medicare, private insurance, self-pay, and a sliding fee scale for those who qualify.


    Agape House 
    Domestic Violence Shelter and Support Services: (417) 934-1811 or (800) 667-1811
    PO Box 550 Mountain View, Mo.
    Christos House
    Domestic Violence Shelter and Support Services: (417) 469-1190 or (800) 611-5853
    Outreach Office – 1554 Imperial Dr. West Plains, Mo. (417) 256-3408
    Christos House Resale Shop – 305 Washington Ave. West Plains, Mo. (417) 257-7729
    Family Violence Center – Harmony House
    3404 E. Ridgeview St. Springfield, Mo. (417) 863-SAFE
    This facility is located in Springfield, Missouri, but provides services to the Howell County area.  ­

    Howell County Circuit Clerk
    35 Court Square West Plains, Mo. (417) 256-2591
    If you are seeking an ex-parte order of protection from the Court, appropriate paperwork must be filled out. Information regarding this process may be located at the Howell County Circuit Clerk’s office located in the Howell County Courthouse in West Plains, Mo. 
    LEAD INSTTITUTE: Provides interpreter services for hearing impaired domestic violence victims. (800) 380-3323
    Legal Services of Southern Missouri
    313 Washington Ave. West Plains, Mo. (417) 255-0348
    Low cost or free legal representation will be provided by an attorney for a variety of legal cases. An application must be submitted before an attorney may speak with you.
    Missouri Coalition Against Domestic Violence: (573) 634-4161
    Missouri Victim Assistance Network: (800) 698-9199
    National Domestic Violence Hotline: (800) 799-7233
    National Sexual Assault Hotline: (800) 656-4673

    Safe at Home – Missouri Secretary of State Office  (866) 509-1409
    This service provided through the Missouri Secretary of State Office keeps the addresses of victims of domestic violence safe. After an application is made and acceptance into the program, a victim will have an established post office box in Jefferson City with all mail going through this address. Call the Missouri Secretary of State Office for more information or go to www.sos.mo.gov
    State of Missouri Attorney General’s Office – Jefferson City, Mo.   (573) 751-3321
    The Attorney General’s office for the State of Missouri provides a pamphlet of resources as well as information on how to apply for an order of protection and how prosecution works:   http://ago.mo.gov/publications/domesticviolence.pdf or 573-751-3321


    Adult Education and Literacy/HiSet
    308 Pennsylvania Ave. West Plains, Mo. (417) 255-7744
    Joan Wright
    Adult Education and Literacy classes are held regularly as well as classes for those who seek a high school equivalency or HiSet. Please leave a message if no one is available.
    Early Childhood Education Services
    305 Valley View Dr. West Plains, Mo. (417) 256-6150 extension 4513
    An extension of West Plains RV-II Schools, children who are ages 3 through 5 living in the West Plains School District, Fairview R-II, Glenwood R-8, Howell Valley R-1, Junction Hill C-12, or Richards R-5 schools who show significant developmental delays and or have a handicapping condition may be evaluated for eligibility in the program.
    Missouri Career Center – West Plains office
    3417 Division Dr. #1 (417) 256-3158
    If you are seeking employment or have questions about unemployment benefits, please contact the Missouri Career Center.
    Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education Vocational Rehabilitation
    3417 Division Dr. Suite 2 West Plains, Mo. (417) 256-8479
    Disabled individuals who are seeking employment, advancement in their current job, or need assistance in keeping their current job may be eligible for services. An individual must apply for services in order to determine eligibility.


    Breckenridge Apartments
    Please contact the Manager at 2400 McFarland Dr. West Plains, Mo. (417) 256-8740

    Clayridge Apartments
    1300 Seminole St. West Plains, Mo. (417) 257-1195 or (417) 293-4845

    Grisham Properties
    215 E. Main West Plains, Mo. (417) 256-7159
    Housing Authority of West Plains
    Application for public housing opportunities within the city limits of West Plains may be made at: 302 Walnut St. West Plains, Mo. (417) 256-6663
    MACO Management Company, Inc.
    1488 W. 8th St. West Plains, Mo. (417) 255-9556
    Ozark Action, Inc.
    Application for Housing Choice Vouchers for housing located outside the city limits of West Plains may be made at: 710 E. Main St. West Plains, Mo. (417) 256-6147
    Plainview Estates 
    Application for income based rentals is available at: 2700 Burke Ave. West Plains, Mo. (417) 255-0990
    Samaritan Outreach Center (Homeless Shelter)
    715 Missouri Ave. West Plains, Mo. (417) 257-7792
    Seminole Apartments
    892 S. Thayer Ave. West Plains, Mo. (417) 256-1595
    West Plains Apartments
    Please call for an appointment and application at: 1214 Jackson St. West Plains, Mo. (417) 256-0996


    If you need assistance with food, please contact one of the following agencies:
    Christos House (417) 256-3408
    First Baptist Church – West Plains (417) 256-0308
    First United Methodist Church – West Plains (417) 256-6167
    Samaritan Outreach Center (417) 257-7792


    Health Tran – Howell County
    (844) 836-RIDE
    Transportation to and from medical appointments are available on a referral basis through Health Tran – Howell County. Please call for additional information and program requirements.
    Missouri Department of Social Services Non-Emergency Medical Transport/Medicaid Transport
    (866) 269-5927
    Please call for program requirements and specific information for the West Plains area.
    West Plains Transit – City of West Plains
    303 E. Broadway St. West Plains, Mo. (417) 256-1241
    The City of West Plains has three 16 passenger buses. Please call for fare and route information.
    ** There are several rental car companies in the West Plains area. Please Google “rental car companies” for a complete list. **


    Bureau of Special Health Care Needs – Department of Health and Human Services
    For more information on specific services offered, please call (417) 895-6900
    Burton Creek Medical
    Burton Creek has several providers with different specialties. For more information, please call (417) 256-2111
    C-Star Treatment Services (Adolescent Treatment)
    3411 Division Dr. West Plains, Mo. (417) 257-9152
    A variety of adolescent treatment services are available. For more information, please call (417) 257-9152 or go to http://www.fccinc.org/services
    Children’s Hospital at University Hospital – Columbia, Mo.
    Clinic Information – (517) 882-7000
    General Pediatrics – (417) 882-4730
    Behavioral Health Services – (517) 882-8008
    Cox Health Systems
    Cox Hospital in Springfield, Missouri, has several providers in the area. For more information, please call (417) 269-INFO or go to https://www.coxhealth.com/
    Howell County Health Department
    Our health department offers vaccinations, women’s health services, and many other specific services. For more information, please call (417) 256-7078 or go to http://howellcountyhealthdepartment.com/
    Mercy Health Systems
    Mercy Hospital in Springfield, Missouri, has several locations in the area. For more information, please call (417) 820-2000 or go to https://www.mercy.net/practice/mercy-hospital-springfield/
    Ozarks Medical Center
    1110 Kentucky Ave. West Plains, Mo. (417) 256-9111
    For a complete list of services, assistance finding a physician, or for more information, please call or go to http://www.ozarksmedicalcenter.com/
    Riverways Hospice
    114 E. Main West Plains, Mo. (417) 256-3133
    Riverways Hospice, now under the umbrella of Ozarks Medical Center, offers multiple types of services depending on the needs of the client. For more information, please call (417) 256-3133 or go to http://www.ozarksmedicalcenter.com/Our-Services/Home-Care/Ozarks-Medical-Center-Home-Care-Hospice.aspx
    Southern Missouri Community Health Center
    1137 Independence Dr. West Plains, Mo. (417) 255-8464
    Turning Leave Adult Treatment
    1015 Lanton Rd. West Plains, Mo. (417) 256-2570
    For adult drug and alcohol treatment services, please call (417) 256-2570 or go to http://www.fccinc.org/turningleaf
    West Plains Christian Clinic
    1115 Alaska Ave. West Plains, Mo. (417) 256-9722
    Free medical and medication services are available to those without insurance or Medicaid/Medicare coverage. Income guidelines do apply. Applicants must go by the clinic on Tuesdays and Thursdays between 9:00 AM and 11:00 AM to pick up and complete the necessary applications. Medical services are provided two events per month by volunteer medical staff.

    Medicaid Accepted Dental Providers

    Missouri Ozarks Community Health
    Ava (417) 683-4831
    Gainesville (417) 679-2775
    Mountain Grove (417) 926-1713
    Cabool (417) 962-5422
    Mansfield (417) 924-8809
    Please call the specific clinic for more information.
    Southern Missouri Community Health Center
    1137 Independence Dr. West Plains, Mo. (417) 256-8464
    Dental services are provided in the West Plains and Thayer locations. Please call for a list of providers in their clinic locations or go to https://www.smchc.org/


    Dr. Anne C. Ream 
    760 N. Kentucky Ave. West Plains, Mo. (417) 256-6171
    Dr. Julie Hart
    808 N. Kentucky West Plains, Mo. (417) 255-2010
    Dr. Scott Ream
    207 Chestnut Thayer, Mo. (417) 264-7418
    Vision Express
    1713 Gibson St. West Plains, Mo. (417) 256-8393
    Wal-Mart Vision Center
    1310 Preacher Roe West Plains, Mo. (417) 257-2807
    If you need assistance in paying for a visual examination and/or eyeglasses, please contact the Lion’s Club at 3417 Division Dr. #1 (Missouri Career Center) or (417) 256-3185 and ask for Scott Davis